Health – Energy – Attitude – Mindset

I’ve always been active and training, pushing boundaries and testing myself. However, I’ve have never been tested so much as when I was battling cancer. Now, looking back I was training hard but, I was not sleeping enough, wasn’t eating as well as I could have, always on the go burning the candle at both ends and the middle was melting. The same mental and physical toughness that I developed to push my limits to become stronger may have played a part in my eventual cancer. However, that mental and physical toughness allowed me to never give up when I was at my weakest and frailest, crawling through the valley of death. Now, I am still training, but I sleep, eat healthy, do things to develop my energy and well being, focus on health and happiness, live life like I love it, with excitement and enthusiasm. Believe me, everything is easier after fighting for my life and now living a lifestyle to be energized, healthy, happy, have a positive mental outlook with overall well being.