Snap Down Counters

Working Snap Downs this month so we have work counters as well. When doing takedowns or escaping to your knees from cross side you may end underneath your opponent. You have to have options everywhere. If you are a shooter you must know how to deal with Front Headlock, being under a sprawl both Gi and No Gi. Here is one of many options.

Whirly Whirl

2 ways to get the ‘Whirly Whirl’ First, sleeves control to an arm drag and jump or second, from 50/50 to the arm drag and jump. Such a simple move, the most technical part is the arm drag and then jump and let gravity do the rest. I like takedowns that allow me to stay on top, never having to under anyone, and if you are stopped you don’t sacrifice position. Also, I originally was shown this via Greco Roman Wrestling, so it works no Gi as well. Going to the WHIRLY WHIRL!

Snap Downs

Snap Downs all month. Today from Whizzer to Snap Down to Front Headlock and go behind. Back control to arm triangle (Kata Gatame). Working back control submission flow tonight.

What Is Your Purpose In Grappling?

What is your purpose for your grappling? Pure sport or self defense or to protect a weapon…? Even with each of these areas is your goal to attack and dominate position or defend and survive? Everything matters, and it really matters when everything that matters is at stake.

The Attack Game of BJJ / Grappling

That’s it, there’s the attack game of BJJ/Grappling. #1 you have to control position. Then either you initiate a set up or your opponent’s movement prompts a set up to either a submission or to transition to a more dominant position…which you control, then set up to….everything is so simple on paper or a white board. The whole there’s another person attempting to do the same to you, with entirely different abilities, attributes and skills, is hard to write out. But, just the same, in theory it is so simple. Then there is the whole defense and counter game…now, it’s getting more complicated, so let’s just drill, train and roll and enjoy the process. Now that is definitely simple!