A Real Fight Is Binary

A ‘real’ fight, any seriously important fight! If it a brutal self defense situation you have to win, which simply means you did whatever you had to do and were able to get away and keep on living. Now, what constitutes a ‘brutal self defense’ situation? Can you read the mind of the person in front of you? Can you see the future and see that he is just going threaten you and not smash your face in and you fall down and then get your head stomped on the pavement? Now, let’s bring it down a notch, let’s say a very important fight that is going to either launch you to the next level or drop you down the ladder. Now, a win or loss really matters. Does it define you, hell no! A loss, though it drops you down the ladder and takes away that chance to be in the big leagues, may just push you to work harder…or it takes away your chances to ever fight in the big shows. Don’t fool yourself, the fight game is potentially dangerous. I have had fighters get brain bleeds where they had to go in and get their skulls opened…that is pretty real! Bottom line, all fights are real! Your winning or you are losing. All fights are experience, however, the more serious the fight the more the experience stocks. At least that what I’ve found.

What If’s

In training the goal is to experience as much as you can. Go for stuff, create learning opportunities and don’t worry so much about winning’ a live roll. There is a big difference between a real fight and a roll, however, the more you put yourself in positions you find in fights, the better prepared you’ll be to deal with them. Work offense, defense, good positions and worse carr scenarios. Go where you need to work and lose your ego. What happens in the mats, stays on the mats. Train to be ready for most everything you may face in a realm fight.

Snap Down Counters

Working Snap Downs this month so we have work counters as well. When doing takedowns or escaping to your knees from cross side you may end underneath your opponent. You have to have options everywhere. If you are a shooter you must know how to deal with Front Headlock, being under a sprawl both Gi and No Gi. Here is one of many options.

Train Hard to Fight Hard and Fight Hard to Live More

Don’t over complicate the process. Know that life is a fight, so Train Hard to Fight Hard and Fight Hard to Live More. There are times when training and fighting are exactly what you want to do. And then, there are times when you have to fight hard, there is no other winning option. So that is why you train hard so you can fight hard to live more. And while you’re living you might as well do what you love, love what you do, be around people you love and be grateful for the simplicity of that kind of life. But, don’t fool yourself, you’ll have to fight for it 😉and it is worth the fight!

Dave Leitch – Back In The Day

Back in the California days Training with @davidmleitch at the Manchester Inosanto Academy in Playa Del Rey In the early 1990s. Training multiple times a day, learning from the sources, and building the future one kick at a time. Crazy how far we’ve both come…and all through the martial arts!

Self Help

Cracks me up…I crack myself up when I ask questions about seriously simple things. Now, there are things I do not want to look up, I don’t really care about knowing how to do, don’t really have to know how to do…and ask others to show me or do it. However, everything for the most point is at our finger tips, so much so that when you actually have to figure something out on your own 😬 Man, when I was growing up you had to finger stuff out. The people that showed you how to do stuff had to at one time physically be shown or figured it out through trial and error. You had to go to the book cards and look where your book was. You had to actually write on paper. My favorite saying now is GTS, Google That Shit! My second favorite saying is “Go ask Andy” @deleveled 🤣 it’s actually true! 

2019 Halloween At The Academy

And the day started so well. Another @theacademymn Halloween 👻 party. Took me about 30 minutes for this one. I always love the looks driving to The Academy 😆

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You Can Observe A Lot By Watching

Watching soldiers doing CQB with the then Commanding General United States Army Maneuver Center of Excellence Fort Benning. Now retired from the Army, he established The Fettiter Group LLC using “Hands-On inspired Leadership.” He uses the fundamentals of BJJ to teach how to overcome any obstacle and develop high performance teams. He is a black belt in BJJ. Also watching with Kris Perkins, a retired NCO with multiple tours of combat and awards for valor under fire. Kris is a BJJ black belt and was one of the first 5 Modern Army Combatives Black Belts under Matt Larsen. It has always been an honor to work the Military (Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy) and help with Combatives in any way. I have met some of the best people I know in the military. I have learned a lot and it has also broadened my perspective on Combatives and self defense.

Father Daughter

‘You can do anything with my daughter that I will allow you to do with me’’ is what I said when she was younger. Now, I just shake the young mans hand and wish him luck because my daughter is cunning and smart… and the bullet he now has in his hand is the one he’ll see, and I have an alibi. @ninanelsonn love you! 😁

Whirly Whirl

2 ways to get the ‘Whirly Whirl’ First, sleeves control to an arm drag and jump or second, from 50/50 to the arm drag and jump. Such a simple move, the most technical part is the arm drag and then jump and let gravity do the rest. I like takedowns that allow me to stay on top, never having to under anyone, and if you are stopped you don’t sacrifice position. Also, I originally was shown this via Greco Roman Wrestling, so it works no Gi as well. Going to the WHIRLY WHIRL!