Closed Position “Siniwali” Patterns

The closed position patterns with double sticks are definitely more ‘siniwalli’ or weaving patterns. There are 1000s of potential combinations and with these key counts you can be 1000s in short time. Not only are these great for physical attribute development, but your cognitive development is enhanced as well. Check out Cognitive Kali with Paul McCarthy at UCLA TEDxTALKS.

Open Double Stick Patterns

I have had a number of people inquire about how they can start Carenza. I feel the double stick is a great place to start because you are working both hands equally. Here is a solid group of Open position striking patterns that will develop your body mechanics, left and right coordination, and a host of other physical attributes. In addition, your cognitive function and neuroplasticity can be enhanced. Check out Cognitive Kali with Paul McCarthy at TEDxUCLA.

Truly Mixed Martial Arts Solo Training

Alternated between weapon (Carenza) and Shadow Boxing for 13 x 2 – 3:30 minute rounds.

Siniwalli-Boxing-Espada y Daga-Kickboxing-Dagger-Panantukan/Bunga-Kukri-Knee and Elbow-Nunchucks-Jun Fan Gung Fu-Barong-Ground and Pound-Siniwalli (last round didn’t make it on video).

Shadow Boxing 2

I feel shadow boxing is one of the best warm ups, cool downs and contact free conditioning training methods you can do.

When you are Shadow Boxing you are working far more than just your technical skill. Shadow Boxing done right utilizes a ton of visualization. You are bringing in offense, defense and counter attacking, along with footwork and a lot of movement. Ultimately, you should move as if you are fighting someone.

You can Shadow Box slowly, 50%, 75% or full speed. Every aspect of fight can be brought into your shadow boxing. Have fun and move with purpose.

Shadow Boxing With Jabs

The Jab is one of the simplest and fastest punches that you have. The jab is the probe for range, for your opponent’s reactions and reflexes, it is a quick, snapping and powerful strike, a set up for other strikes, as an offensive tool, a counter attack and defensive strike. I feel the Jab is the most important tool to develop and time should be spent to sharpen this weapon.

Here I break down the basics of the jab, multiple Jabs
Flicker Jab
Power Jab
Marchers Jab
Retreating Jab
Slant Jab
Corkscrew Jab
Rising Jab
Jabbing using basic footwork.