A Real Fight Is Binary

A ‘real’ fight, any seriously important fight! If it a brutal self defense situation you have to win, which simply means you did whatever you had to do and were able to get away and keep on living. Now, what constitutes a ‘brutal self defense’ situation? Can you read the mind of the person in front of you? Can you see the future and see that he is just going threaten you and not smash your face in and you fall down and then get your head stomped on the pavement? Now, let’s bring it down a notch, let’s say a very important fight that is going to either launch you to the next level or drop you down the ladder. Now, a win or loss really matters. Does it define you, hell no! A loss, though it drops you down the ladder and takes away that chance to be in the big leagues, may just push you to work harder…or it takes away your chances to ever fight in the big shows. Don’t fool yourself, the fight game is potentially dangerous. I have had fighters get brain bleeds where they had to go in and get their skulls opened…that is pretty real! Bottom line, all fights are real! Your winning or you are losing. All fights are experience, however, the more serious the fight the more the experience stocks. At least that what I’ve found.