Son, A Cheap Shot Is A Great Deal

Some feel that certain techniques are “cheap shots.” There was a time when leg locks were ‘cheap’ or when you take a wrist lock… nonsense! Now, in a self defense situation there is no such thing. Context is everything in everything. Whenever I hear someone say, “That was cheap!” I always say, “A cheap shot is a great deal” and smile. Now, don’t be an asshole, or malicious, unless it is necessary, and you better know when it’s necessary. However, when you see an opportunity, take it! Some people don’t want to jump on an opportunity before someone else because they think it’s a ‘cheap shot’. Go back to the asshole rule. If they don’t act and you do that is not a cheap shot and you are not an asshole. So, son, a cheap shot is a great deal. Take’m when you can!