COVID Quarantine Creativity

‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ and it is time to get creative. Ever since I was kid I have always been creative with my training. I have always set time for personal solo training and have a ton of different training methods from a variety of martial arts.

For all of you that are going through BJJ withdrawals, here is a quick fix. I took all of my gis (tops and pants), 4 on the inside, and folded them together so that they are firm. I then put them in a zip up sweat top (I was going to use a hoodie). I then rolled up 2 sets of 2 towels (2 arms) and stuffed them into the sweatshirt arms. I then zipped up the sweatshirt to bundle it all together. Then I stuffed it all in a Gi and tied it with my belt. I then got a foam Roller and put in the neck of the sweatshirt. Lastly, I taped the arms shut and the foam roller in place. BAM! There ya go, 15 minutes later I have a home training dummy.

Dedicated to the Hard Working and Creative Individual.