Carenza – Stroking Patterns – Deflections

Adding to our basic striking methods, there are countless numbering systems and stroking patterns. The key is creating patterns that work for you, that deal with the realities of combat and work to maximize your body mechanics.

Primary to the Filipino Martial Arts are the defenses and deflection to a multitude of attacks. Defense has 4 primary parts: Zoning (angling away from or cutting away the power of the strike), the Deflection (block or redirect incoming attack), the Checking Hand (the alive hand which aides in the deflection to reduce power, controls, grips or wraps the incoming stick and/or hand/arm delivering the strikeā€¦) and always the Follow Up Counterattack.

One of the goals of Carenza is to flow and fluidly connect all of your movements together. You want to visualize incoming attacks and move with focus and purpose to develop effective movements.

Be creative and have fun! Carenza is your own expression of movement. Your personality, your feelings and thoughts coming out in your movement. Do not be over critical, do not seek a set pattern, but rather simply enjoy moving.